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Originally Posted by Vince_ View Post
PlanPhilly mentioned this 2400 Market project and a, "...promenade from Market St to Chestnut St," over a year ago with this old rendering included:
This looks awesome but honestly, where would the promenade physically go?

I've having trouble reconciling the beautiful rendering with what actually exists there now. In front of the blue building adjacent to Market St, the building is literally right up against the train tracks. The grey building closer to Chestnut St does have some space, but it's not really long and still pretty narrow. Along Chestnut St, there is a really wide "patio" in front of the grey building that could definitely hold sidewalk seating or a beer garden. The view from there however, would be 2400 Chestnut and its parking lot.

Even without anything special built on the river side, this project offers a great opportunity to activate this end of Market and Chestnut Street. As far as the actual building is concerned, I'm in wait-and-see mode. I don't care for the width but the architect smartly breaks up the building so it's not just a single squat wide slab (like 2400 Chestnut).

Where's the design for Mandeville Place???