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It is great your comments, I liked very much your phantasy also and your examples. Well, among the 3 examples the Robby could have some 5% element equally if someone phantasy much is taken, as the head is alongated and with a circular oval grille base, the other 2 not. I liked much the U2 tower project as it has something in common in the use, proposed to artists also. The terraces are torsional, that is great. Maybe if the project would be not so cubish, than it would be more futuristic. It is that, that I want to meant. But let's talk about your tower approach that is for us more realistic.

By the way, I can do and go further deeply in the idea in a CAD model in March, maybe in 3D in Catia I can make more details of it and some realistic appearance as I do not have access to 3DMax or Alias Studio. I made mine first idea in such a fast way in Paint. Maybe someone else could join together in helping that, to do more photorealistic ones. February I will be away, so only on March I can get deeply on it, I mean in this project to show you more details. I do not know if it is a problem for you, as I don't know exactly the use and your timeline of that in a film or something in reality. So in between some illustrator could take my tower and make something beautiful in some 3D Studio, as he elaborates better, the design is always mine. Do you have any computer animator that could do that for us? I mean I can draw further a 3D mesh wireframes, some surfaces, materials applyed and more functional appearances, but I am also a little bit limited. Even I am a exterior designer, I am not specialised in that. If you saw my yacht proposals in my page, you saw what I can reach. More, as light brighting and more life, I can not do.

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