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Originally Posted by Mkmillenium View Post
Well, I have a very good idea in mind with arcades and glasses in different high and oval forms intrinsic to another that could be great for you. Unfortunatly i am not an illustrator here and do not have software abbility to make 3d here. It is already in my mind but I could do a sketch free hand digitally for you. Are you interested???? please say me. It is a very surrealistic und futuristic idea, although some complex and very clean in harmony. None of this idea is still seeing abroad everywhere. It is different, very markant and very beautiful and sexy, maybe very appropriate for your film. If you want, give me your email to be sent and posted.

That's is my participation

Tower Name: Sirius Millenium
Highrise: 320m
Floors: 68 - 11 public use, 14 office, 12 hotel, 30 residence, 1 mechanical and pod access
Description: 1 theater and 1 cinema at the bottom each side. Coffee Shop, Studio, 2 helicopter Pads. 1 antenna with Flag.
Floor to Floor: 3.97m for several task in storeys to different movies companies.
Use: Mix-use. The building is divided in 4 parts. Green, Yellow, Blue and White mirrror windows.
The green mirror windows, first bottom part of the building, the larger one is for public conventions,
videos, cinema presentations, restaurant and Coffee Bar.
The Gold mirror windows, 2nd part above first floors, is for office film and artists companies uses.
The Blue mirror windows part is as hotel for gasts. 3rd one.
The white-grey mirror windows is sold as residences to third people and artists.
The arcades are visible steel-aluminium ones
Proposal: 2007
Finish: 2010
The design proposal is copyrighted from SiriusMillenium.
Now, this is some vision!

I want to display your design on my site! Please send it to me...

I had the same mix-used vision as you. Your design is funky, modern and seems to relate to science-fiction movies of the 50's.

Check , the resemblance is staggering!


oH, the U2 tower in Ireland...

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