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Originally Posted by Runner View Post
1. Property in downtown Austin is very expensive for soccer stadium. Owner wants a downtown Stadium.

2. Austin is Longhorn country plain and simple.
I grew up in Austin. It's Longhorn country for sure, but there are a ton of soccer fans there. I honestly believe an MLS team would do very well in Austin. I'd even go as far as saying MLS could be as successful in Austin as it has been in Portland.

That said, I do agree it will be very hard to get a stadium built downtown given the current and planned development. I honestly don't know where they would put it - but never say never. Austin has had success with the Express in Round Rock and both the Stars/Spurs in Cedar Park, so city leaders could convince MLS to build outside of downtown. Austin's been waiting for a pro franchise for a very long time. I can see this happening.

The ESPN article quoted the owner saying he would move if he couldn't get a new stadium deal. I've lived in SA long enough to have heard that said about us before (looking at you Raiders). This could be a case of MLS using Austin as other pro franchises have used SA. But my gut tells me to believe their is serious interest in moving the franchise to Austin and if that happens you can absolutely say goodbye to any chance of SA getting an MLS team. Which is disappointing. I really think MLS would do great in SA.