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Originally Posted by armorand93 View Post
Theres an ANCIENT one on Ellice and Roseberry. Seriously, it looks like some abandoned diner in the middle of nowhere
Absolutely, was a Sal's drive in at one time in the '60's and was in competition with the A&W on the SW corner of Roseberry/Ellice. The guys from Bristol Aero and Ray-o-vac across the street kept it busy all night long.

In early 50's to mid 60's, Sal's was at:

N/W Portage & Spence, next to CBC.
S/W Notre Dame @ Arlington
N/W Notre Dame @ Flint
S/W Portage @ Camden
N/W Corydon @ Wilton
N/W Broadway @ Main (bsmt Ft Garry Courts)
N/W Osborne @ Morley in the old Piggly Wiggly
Pembina & Stafford
S/E Main & Matheson
Garry St. S of Portage Parkaide
S/E Broadway & Donald
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