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Originally Posted by alittle1 View Post
Old Syd's was located next to the Safeway, out the west door of Woolco, along with Sal's and CIBC bank.

Did you ever have occasion to go to Mother's at Rougeau and Regent where the Royal Bank is now. Or, Shakey's Pizza where the Pony Corral is now on Nairn. Or, have a Manager's Special from Dal's Pizza, or better still, go with the Folks to the Dal's sit-down restaurant on Bond & Victoria.

Anyone old enough to remember the "Pink Panther Disco" down in the basement at Regent Park Shopping Center, cage dancers and all. NOTE*** They're having a re-union Dance on June 22nd and will have all the old great 'Dance' Bands. Note to Burt C. looking for you to do a walk-on/maybe a song or two, get a hold of Jean D.

I could mention the old Rancho Don Carlo on Donald Street South, but then, I would also have to add Mama Trossi's on Pembina @ Chevrier and the special tea that they served with a 'kick'. Aunt Sally's Tea Room on the riverside of Henderson had a similar variety, served after 10 PM to the people who dealt cards and rolled dice, owned by a prominent law professional's mother (tuition was a bitch, even in those days). Jack's on Main had more business on Fri - Sunday, then most business did all week. If you knew the doorman at the Joint around the corner, you wouldn't get the door slammed in your face, like the boys in blue. Moving further up Main was the Oasis, where the old City Markets used to be; Oscar's Corned Beef up at Mountain/St. John's; Ranch House up in WK @ Belmont; Rene's @ 1817 Main; Bert's Corn Beef House @ Burin; Foy's up at Armstrong; and last but no least, the little Chip Shack at Templeton bus turn-around. And I probably left out 25 0n Main street too, like the old Bus barns cafeteria at McAdam, open all night except between 3 and 4 am.

Can anyone name all the Salisbury House locations?
Theres an ANCIENT one on Ellice and Roseberry. Seriously, it looks like some abandoned diner in the middle of nowhere
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