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Originally Posted by h0twired View Post
The difference is also that most of downtown Calgary was actually houses up until the 60s. Most buildings were under 5 stories tall. Calgary didnt exactly have a ton of heritage buildings to begin with.

The population of Calgary was also a tenth of the size of Winnipeg when most of the Exchange District was developing in Winnipeg.

The difference is that of the remaining heritage buildings in Calgary most of them have been completely renovated and are fully occupied. Whereas in Winnipeg most of the buildings are vacant and quickly deteriorating. The costs of maintaining the empty buildings is becoming cost prohibative for those that own them and there aren't enough people or businesses willing to invest in the properties.
As far as Calgary goes I'd love to see the old Grain Exchange building across from Encana Place on 1st SW, near the Palliser Hotel. Its a fabulous building, but its age is showing, with wiring running outside the walls and such. It is full of lowend tenants, but it would be great if it recieved some much needed attention inside and out.

Winnipeg does have a large pool of heritage buildings in the exchange. The fact that the exchange was not just commercial office buildings, but also very large warehouses, industrial and manufacturing buildings were a part of the makeup of the area. Today's reality, many of these buildings are finding new life as condos, lofts and office space. It must be remembered it takes a significant investment to bring a 100 year old building up to modern codes for residence. Old lead pipes, cancer causing insolation and murcury switches are all commonly found in old builings such as these. They need to be gutted and then introduced to modern utilities, wiring as well as digital technology. Its not just a simple process of buying are leasing them out.
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