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Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
Might be something like 1958. The streets in the Assiniboine Forest existed legally, and maybe still do, but they were never opened. These maps were drawn from the city plan and the mapmakers often didn't distinguish between opened and unopened streets.

Van Horne Blvd. might have existed as a dirt road but I don't think there was ever anything on it. It was renamed Tweedsmuir Blvd. for a few years and then most of it was eliminated except one short section that was renamed Mountbatten Ave.
Yes, I think it has to be almost certainly fall of 1957. No sign of the Disraeli, the overpass opened in 1959 and the bridge in 1960. The Ellice trolleybus had been extended to Ferry Road which opened in fall of 1957. The St. Mary's trolleybus still terminated at Berrydale loop, it would be extended to Rose loop (it's still there, though unused) in early 1958. Note too the Polo Park is still indicated as a race track. Its last racing season was 1956 and Assiniboia downs opened in 1958.

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