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Originally Posted by bgsrand View Post
Is this something that, after it's initial opening, most New Yorkers wont give a damn about? Being from Chicago this seem more on par with the "Bean" as a tourist attraction, more so than anything. Much more interactive, but a trap nonetheless.
It may surprise you, but most New Yorkers rarely visit the tourist attractions, though that doesn't mean they are exclusively visited by tourists. I know it's the "cool" thing to say "I'm from New York, and I've never visited X,Y,Z.." But the truth is, New Yorkers will grab their phones and snatch shots of whatever, be it a tourist attraction, or some ordinary, typical New York thing. And this will be something no one in New York has experienced yet (obviously). It won't cost anything (a huge factor). And it will be open year round. It will eventually become something New Yorkers can't imagine the city without, like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, or the Brooklyn Bridge - whether or not they ever intend to visit. That's one of the things that make New York so special. You have these collection of "things" people come from around the world to see, and you have the option to visit them at anytime, or not.
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