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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
What an old-school Irish jagbag.

Ugh, aldermen. The only ones I like are Pawar and maybe Waguespack. They seem to understand certain principles of decent urban planning. Arena talks a good talk about TOD, bike lanes, streetscaping, etc but his ward is not high-growth and his constituents are some of the most entitled in the city.

And (don't shoot the messenger here) Reilly is one of the better aldermen. He is about as pro-development as he can realistically be and still get elected. Most of what he does is stagecraft to manage public outrage - he has to get concessions from developers to keep voters from getting too upset. I imagine some developers will compensate and ask for more than they need, so they can still be profitable after Reilly comes through with the axe.
Someone here should run for alderman.
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