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I know nothing about UTSA's College of Architecture. They have (or had) a professor, Vince Canizaro, who I think is really good - I had him for a class my junior year when he taught at A&M.

A&M has a pretty good program - not as highly rated as Rice, UT, or some of the Ivy programs, but very practical. A survey published a couple of years ago listed A&M's architecture grads as being near the top in something non-design related...the ability to manage a project or something.

A couple of things to consider: A&M's College of Architecture is/was at capacity and the College strongly encouraged students to spend at least 1 semester studying abroad. If a high school student asked, I would tell them to expect to spend at least 1 semester abroad if they go to A&M to study architecture. I don't know if UTSA is in this situation. Second, your chances of getting a job after graduating from A&M are probably better than UTSA - A&M's a better known school, is ranked higher, and you have the power of the Aggie Network.

What do you want to study? Any particular design philosophy? Do you actually want to be an architect or do you want to be involved in the profession? Have you considered research opportunities?

Look at associated programs within the respective colleges. A&M's College of Architecture includes construction science and landscape architecture - two groups an architect will work with. From a graduate standpoint, A&M's College also offers real estate development and urban planning degrees.

Finally, if you want to design hospitals you should go to A& ifs ands or buts about it. Keep that in mind. Your junior and senior years you may be designing hospitals, or something health-related; if you care nothing about this field of design then you may want to consider a different school.

Rodney Hill would be a great person to contact. His email is
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