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Cool CHICAGO | Conservatory Tower | 82 FLOORS

There wasn't a tread for this one yet so I figured it would be nice to start one since there is a tread for it on skyscrapercity!

Conservatory Tower aspires to set a precedent for environmentally sensitive tall buildings in Chicago’s urban context. The 1.1 million sf project is composed of two distinct yet complementary components, a conservatory or enclosed winter garden, and an 80 story hotel and condo tower rising above.

The 28,000 sf winter garden is enclosed by a high efficiency glazing system, protecting a lush landscape and occupants from inclement weather, noise and air pollution, while optimizing natural air ventilation. The tower’s thin profile makes full use of natural light, while minimizing heat gain during summer months and shadow effect on neighboring spaces. Natural light can reach the interior spaces, reducing energy consumption year round. Topping the tower is a Sky Garden containing a number of condominium amenities and an enclosed garden.

Photos from SCB's website
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