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Originally Posted by Notts View Post
In order:

1. Nottingham
2 Birmingham
3. London
4. Zurich
5. Manchester

My fiancé previously lived in Nottingham for some years before moving to Canada. I take it you're from Nottingham?

For fun, if you ever check out the Canadian forums, there are certain posters on Skyscraperpage there that love to bolster their communities, whether it be for weather (which city in Canada is the 'warmest' ) or which provinces are least economically depressed (it's not the one that speaks mostly French).

Also some of the most prolific Skyscraperpage posters in Canada post random trivia about their far flung provinces that may or may not even have highrise buildings to begin with ironically enough.

My top 5 favorite cities in Europe that I've been to, and in no particular order:

Copenhagen, Brussels, London, Berlin, Geneva.

France, Spain, Italy are the countries with the collection of some of my most favorite cities in Europe though.
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