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Originally Posted by 240glt View Post
I agree

Pretty much we've been stable and we've seen huge growth due to our attractiveness to the international market. Hoping we don't screw the pooch.

I know we equate our expensive housing as a major cause of the homeless problem downtown but if you look at comparables we're doing better than many other cities and I assume Red Deer's housing is much less expensive than Vancouver's. Personally I believe homeless cannot be reduced much more than it is already, throwing money at it until we build free housing for everyone is taking a stupid and expensive approach that ignores the underlying problems causing people to be homeless. It needs to be solved at the Federal level by changing the charter to not give people a right to be homeless (forced to enter rehab or work).

Given the percentage of people born with mental illness and the amount of people doing drugs having only 3 of every 1000 people be homeless does not seem terrible. Vancouver's homelessness is also artificially increased since homeless people from across Greater Vancouver all move downtown increasing Vancouver's percentage.
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