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I will be controversial and say, BC is lucky in the sense that we have generally been a successful, desirable place to live over the last 100 years. Our economy hasn't always been great but it has been much steadier than most other places (ie. avoiding recessions, massive up and down swings, etc.) For most of the 20th century and into the 21st, our population growth has exceeded national averages and people generally have wanted to move and settle here (this isn't factoring in the housing run up of the last few years and the still unknown effects it will have on our long term desirability). But if we are talking historically, people generally want a government that runs things well, and as much as people think polarized politics are major, they aren't. There are super loud left minorities who make the news and give the impression the entire province is a certain way. Not so many on the right, and a generally quieter centre that is the backbone. Don't forget, Christie Clark did not "get crushed" in the last election, they were within a few votes of winning the most seats and still won the popular vote. The NDP didn't sweep the way Doug Ford did in Ontario. Had the housing crisis not taken so much attention in greater Van, BC Liberals would've won again easily, and been in power for 20 years altogether (since 2001). If for whatever reason the Greens don't side with Horgan on any vote coming up, we have another election and it could go either way
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