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Originally Posted by Restless 1 View Post
I sense the stench of opinion in your post. Seek refuge.

Seriously, I agree with you, although "defines a city", is a stretch. It surely identifies a city, but defining a city is much more broad than the buildings that make up the urban core.

If AwesomeSAVeiw, or whatever his name is, would be less rude, and more willing to honestly engage with the other posters here, he might find we, (all of us), have more in common than not.
Right, because every silhouette photo of San Antonio (both as recognition of city, tourist attraction, and news sources) never uses that damn UFO restaurant that, was only built for one single event, has become platitudinal. Every other city used their world fair tribute to brace a better skyline, not limit its potential.

*If I sound confrontational, I don't mean to be. I am just frustrated. And when I speak (write) about San Antonio's downtown and it's potential, my frustration can be strongly illustrated. I have lived here for a third of my life and, what, one building over a significant height has been built, longer for others. It's sad.
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