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Originally Posted by newflyer View Post
I didn't know that the West Ed had an outdoor skating rink which doubles as a pond and I don't get to Novosibirsk as often as I should, but I still feel this will make for an original experience (in Winnipeg at least, if not North America) if they follow through with the skating rink on the pond.

I also like the outdoor stage on the site, but I understand there is a retail development in Finland which also has such a stage, so I won't suggest it is original. It is still different than the usual retail development of this type.

Sorry I missed the part about the Pond/ Skating rink being outdoors, in fact both locations I mentioned have indoor rinks.

Personally I think an indoor rink in the summer with an indoor pond in winter would be much cooler. A little bit of Man's influence over its surroundings, kind of thing. It's in line with a giant box rising out of the prairie landscape

Also how is an outdoor rink at ikea going to differenciate itself from the massive parking lot on a cold winter day.

Anyways it's development so it's good, It's new to the city so that's good, and it's going to be an incredible addition to the tax base so that's great.

In all honesty I think the project is good, I just think there are some things that could make it better.
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