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Originally Posted by memph View Post
Considering the middle class blacks are being replaced by low income blacks, I highly doubt they're being priced out. The South Side of Chicago is still mostly heading in the opposite direction from gentrification - it's declining. Middle class black neighbourhoods turn into low income black neighbourhoods, which become run down, and have homes go vacant and abandoned and lose population.
Much of the loss of blacks in Chicago is media driven, people hear people are leaving, they hear better opportunities elsewhere, and they leave thinking if the press is saying it then it must be true. Its called a herd mentality. What happens then is they move to these so- called utopian cities, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, etc.. and many find the same problems, high -crime, traffic, racial env. etc.. that they faced in Chicago, without the many pluses of Chicago. True some have met success, but many blacks I know personally who are disappointed in their moves to other cities and some have returned. All things are cyclical, and more than not the grass may be greener on the other side but you still have to cut it. As a black who moved to Chicago and love it, you just have to be tough and resilient, you can make it as good here as anywhere.
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