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Originally Posted by EspionNoir View Post
Yeah I’m amused by the CancerCare part, probably involved. A small group of jury will probably make sure this one gets through quickly without noise from too many parties, and the rest of them are the right people for this selection

As WFP’s information is not that detailed it’s hard to judge CanerCare’s role here
CanerCare has no role, i would assume her role is to represent the community at large who happens to be the CEO of CancerCare. Just like how the board of directors for CentureVenture has appointments of community members not necessarily connected to the architectural design planning or real estate community.

My question is with CentureVenture acting as the developer for this portion of the land, where do they intend on securing the funding to proceed with this development?
The northern portion of the site is intended to be sold off to private developers.
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