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Originally Posted by balletomane View Post
If de-amalgamation ever became a campaign issue (which I don't foresee happening), the only areas that I think would potentially separate is Fort Garry, St. Vital, St. Boniface and Transcona. Everywhere else is geographically and historically more integrated with the city, St. Boniface and St. Vita have their French influence and Transcona is separated by large areas of industrial.
The sentiment seems to be that anything south of Ellice including the airport and likely making a slight jog north to carve out City Hall, the concert hall, Manitoba Museum and the east exchange, with a similar jog to include the RRC Notre Dame Campus and the airport would be one city and everything north of that would be a new city called "Not My Winnipeg". The boundary of course heading east would be the CN main line heading east from downtown until it reached Lag when it would basically follow Lag south until Fermor before heading east and out to the Perimeter.

In terms of operations, taxes, etc "Winnipeg" and "Not My Winnipeg" would be legally distinct cities like Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, Fargo/Moorehead or Minneapolis/St Paul. Of course any infrastructure pieces that needed to be shared like water supply would be split in such a way that they were "revenue neutral". The one downside of this split is the Brady Road landfill would be closed immediately and relocated to somewhere just north of the Perimeter.
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