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I had tried to look at other projects this company had worked on and this is pretty ambitious for them. Trying to remember the site itself, I don't think it lends itself to being something like the Pearl, but I can certainly see it having a southtown feel; maybe a polished blue star.

I can't imagine Lone Star would start brewing there again in any way more than some kind of Lone Star brew pub type of thing. The dine-in movie theater probably says more about the place it's going to be. Hopefully it won't be a Quarry or Rim type development. I understand they intend to make money on this but who likes strip malls?

The idea of a music hall of fame seems wrong unless that focuses and celebrates the actual history of San Antonio and South Texas. A country music based place will go the way of the old Fiesta Texas or the Aztec Theater's San Antonio Rose (they won't work in that limited way). If they did go forward with the HOF idea, it should mainly be a live music hall with the memorabilia on the side.

And finally, they are located on the river! They should completely invite and link to the advantage of the linear park and any changes related to world heritage inclusion of the missions.

The recycling center next door looks toxic
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