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Originally Posted by aro1419 View Post
It seems like they have demo notices at the Boyd, so they'll probably continue the demolition that iPic did to the interior. Who knows what will happen to the exterior and how it will be incorporated into the plan though. At least Pearl is probably one of the most trustworthy development groups in the city.
Right. Because of its status as a historic landmark, portions of the exterior must be incorporated into the project in some capacity. Frankly, I would like to see an actual movie theater incorporated into the plan. But I'm not really expecting it to happen.

The corner building is not being demoed. Only the former dollar store and building that housed the Industry bar. The width of those two buildings alone seems a small footprint for a highrise (but maybe I'm wrong on that). Maybe the highrise portion will extend on top of the Boyd or the old Qdoba if feasible and structurally sound to do that.

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