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Originally Posted by Texan101 View Post
What do you expect? We've had it rough in the high rise development area compared to the rest of the state. HDRC shoots down pretty much everything. When something does get approved, you can bet they are going to have numerous problems with the design. I'm still bitter as hell about the proposed Joske's Tower project. That was by far my favorite proposal of the past two decades and perfect for SA. Should have been approved and could have went on to be a great model to follow for any future high rise developments downtown.

I'll never forget when the Frost Bank Tower Austin project was announced, giving Austin its first true signature tower. While knowing they were headquartered in San Antonio and the bland building they called home. So yeah that's the only reason I'm holding out any hope. Maybe Frost will finally give its hometown the signature tower it deserves.

You give the HDRC too much credit. Too much. You can't use hyperbole like "they shoot down pretty much everything.", which is completely untrue. I see the HDRC getting way too much hate on here for reasons that shouldn't attributted to them.

The GH wasn't redesigned because.of the HDRC. It was redesigned because the builder who was also the designer went with the least expensive design.

The HDRC doesn't shoot down pretty much everything. A 350 ft high rise was approved at Navarro and Commerce in 2008. The developer never built it but it was approved.

The Joske's tower, which isn't dead, was/is a very unique case. It's being built atop a historic structure and very close to the Alamo. Proper attention was needed and is still needed.

Imo, had the developer used the second design initially, the hubbub that was created by the likes of the San Antonio Conservation Society wouldn't have been as loud or even have occurred. The first design was awful and that is what sparked the outrage.

Is the HdRc perfect? No. But they aren't the boogieman you seem to think they are.
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