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Man I'm loving it! Barely got any sleep last night.

One item of note, the Spurs finals coverage in the local Austin media has been totally lacking and woeful. The front page of the Statesman barely makes reference to the Spurs this morning, and local newscasts didnt even mention the clincher until the sports segments, in some cases. I understand that Austin is a college-dominated sports town, and NBA allegiances are likely split alongside the Mavs and Rockets, but c'mon, we're only 70 miles up the road!

I also would like to see the Spurs organization embrace the Austin market a little more, perhaps with increased promotions and advertising campaigns. They should take advantage of an adjacent 1.5 million metro!...and perhaps local media would pay closer attention to their successes. Not that it really matters in the end, but it would be nice to see, as I'm a huge a Spurs fan.
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