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New York and Chicago are very classy cities.
Originally Posted by StatenIslander237 View Post
You cannot compare this design to the Sears Tower, Empire State Building, or even the Freedom Tower.
Those are office buildings with completely different aesthetic requirements than a resort. I think the design works just fine as a resort, in fact, with no garish colors it's actually a breath of fresh air.

Also, Vegas is not ready for an almost-2,000-ft. tower. It needs to build up its shorter skyline first. New York and Chicago have vast bases of shorter and mid-height buildings to visually support a building of such significant height. Vegas needs to stop sprinting ahead, and take a little time to escape its old-time kitsch.
As shown in the CS thread, ESB, Sears and Hancock were all "sprints" at the time of their construction. In fact, they all still tower over their immediate neighbors and they are saying the same thing about CS. Look, the Strat is less than half a mile away from LVT and it's almost 1,200 feet tall and already has two sets of plans to go over 1,800 feet tall. The Fontainebleau going up right next door to LVT is nearly 800 feet and the approved Summit across Sahara Ave. is over 900 feet. There are already 8 towers around 500 feet tall within one block of LVT.

A city of 500,000+ people needs a chance to turn into a real city besides a resort destination.
Actually, 1.7 million in the valley (LVT is not in the city limits) and soon will top 2 million. But, the valley is surrounded by mountains and protected National land, we need to go higher. Plus, the Strip is rapidly running out of empty land big enough for the old style big box mega resorts. This thing is on one of the last pieces of Strip frontage that doesn't require knocking something down to make a big resort. Plus, for a new player like Milam, he needs something really impressive to compete with the established gaming giants like Kerkorian, Wynn and Adelson. But, yeah, the design would be too eccentric for an office building. Maybe eventually other industries will start to recognize the incredible business friendly tax structure in Nevada and we'll start to get some tall office buildings. An 800+ foot tall office tower is slated for downtown as we speak.