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Originally Posted by Ktulured55 View Post
Don't you think Chicago and NYC are classy? And they are the other cities with all of the tallest buildings in our country. .... if you don't think so, then what is a 'classy city' in your example? A little country town with a 40ft tallest building?

Building a taller building does not take away any class. It has nothing much to do with it in my opinion. This is good for Vegas becuase it's different, and again... the population is growing vastly and there is less room to build more hotels with all the people living there. It would be nice to see a tall building there. In addition, this builiding makes sense to build in that city and in it's particular location.
I don't believe he was referring to height when he made this comment but his dissatisfaction with the design. Do correct if I'm wrong though...
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