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^I would definitely like that. Hopefully in July I'll be in town again and will have some time to do that. I'll let you know. It would probably be the 2nd weekend of July.

One thing is that I've at least come close to counting every highrise and midrise in and around downtown (I think), and added them to Emporis. But I haven't even come close to counting all of the highrises and midrises outside of downtown all over the city yet. One thing is it's easiest to either count them on foot, or on bicycle. And the problem with that is some of them aren't so easily accessible that way. The other problem is, I might see a building way off in the distance, and have no idea what street it's on or which highway or street I should take to get to it. I could scour Google Earth for buildings, which would still be difficult really. And when I say count them, I mean get their name, their address, how many floors they have, and then add them to Emporis. I can then also look for more information about them on the internet, and maybe even find a height.
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