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London's got loads, and they're mostly terrible. Thankfully about 4-500 highrise apartment blocks in brutalist stylee have since been bulldozed since the 1960's, when they were all the rage.

They weren't nice brutale if you know what I mean but cheap, rain stained, dangerous brutale housing thousands in crime ridden conditions.

These are some survivors, London's worst areas:

Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
Some of Southeast London's worst areas...

As has been remarked before, they tend to be the housing projects... but here, they sprawl for blocks:

South Thamesmead
Used in various film sets for its 'rough' look.

Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke.
One of the most notorious locales in the area. Also used in film sets for its 'rough' look.

The Woolwich area served an important function for the military, employing thousands at the barracks. As they shut down, they left thousands jobless. The north of Woolwich, near the River Thames, is lined with housing estates (projects) like the ones below. It is in the top 5% most deprived wards (local areas) in the United Kingdom:

I actually live in the area above, next to the chimney^
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