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Rebuilding local roads and making a "quiet zone" in which trains don't have to sound their horns at crossings (possibly by adding over/underpasses or some other technique) makes perfect sense and is forward thinking. To get rid of trains entirely so that a developer can add a new development is backward thinking and will lead to more road traffic because you're forcing either passengers or freight off the tracks and onto the road. I hope they're employing the forward-thinking option.

I grew up on the northeast side of San Antonio about 1,500 feet from a train track (as the crow flies). It was a straight part of the track with no nearby crossing, so no whistle blowing. I could occasionally hear the faint sound of the train going by on a quiet night and I loved the sound. They don't need to get rid of trains entirely... that's ridiculous. But rebuilding the infrastructure so trains pass by quietly is clearly an option that makes things better for all involved.

p.s. - The train track was there first. Deal with it, developer.
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