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My Two Cents...

Originally Posted by wwmiv View Post
I don't understand why some San Antonians are so adamant about getting a soccer team just to stick it to Austin. We already have a major league sports team here, let Austin have theirs. And don't tell me that Austin is getting it in a backhanded way by stealing it from Columbus and so they don't deserve it when the Spurs were stolen from Dallas. Besides, this whole "city v. city" stuff is beyond grating. I tend to think of the region as a single unit of ~5 million people anchored by two major cities, just like Dallas and Fort Worth. Dallas doesn't have all of the sports teams for their region, and neither should San Antonio. Don't be bitter. Be happy that Austin is getting an MLS team for San Antonians to enjoy. Austinites were never bitter that San Antonio got an NBA team, as evidenced by the fact that the Austin market is dominated by the Spurs and Spurs fans. The development league team is even in Austin. Ergo, Austin getting an MLS team will be nothing but good for San Antonio in the long-run.
I tend to agree with Austin as much as they support the Spurs! I suggest we put our effort into the NFL. Hell, I'd give Austin major league Baseball if pro Football lands in San Antonio.