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You're right, the most interesting thing about the architecture is that it doesn't include a signal tower and a few satellite dishes. But plain-jane can sometimes be okay; it's better than ending up with a building with the SA Combo-5 (the finishes the Convention Center, Alamodome, and numerous other building are "urged" to have.) It'll be nice to have some height fill in kind of subtly.

Although its not a parking lot, it is nice to have a swap of some 9-5ers with some 5-9ers. Residential is the best outcome for this lot and a huge plus for that area, it could be a nice set-up for future residential development at Hemisfair which is just 2-3 blocks over. I'm just glad that it seems to be a normal development and not someone with a grand idea to build a mini-Deutschland.

Other interesting part of the story is HEB talking about a store at Main/Durango.... with 300-500(?) more residents living across the river, a 12,000 sq/ft store (about 1/3 the size of Whole Foods) doesn't sound like too much of a gamble. Maybe they'll call it "HEB Lunchbox."
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