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Originally Posted by tgannaway89 View Post
I like the Convo expansion plan:

It is not a very attractive building as is:

Rendering from
At a meeting last week (UTSA) I heard that there will be a performance arts building that will be coming up soon in the parking lot facing the convo. If you look at the most recent (2009) campus masterplan, that is shown as a building with a tower. It makes sense because the master plan recommends that the main Quad be the first area to be developed, and the proposed building would be the major building anchoring the Quad.

The master plan has only shown buildings in a conceptual way and they have neither recommended the function nor the actual structure in their renderings. It would make sense to have a performing arts center as the major building facing the future Quad. U. Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) has Foellinger Auditorium in the main Quad, and Grainger Engineering Library in the their Engineering Quad.

Purdue has a major building (Hovde, the building that fronts the Eilliott hall of music) facing their Engineering quad (which they call the "Purdue Mall"). These are the two campuses I studied in and it makes eminent sense to have a signature building facing the main Quad.

If anyone has any details on the proposed building. Please post.

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