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The new master plan looks pretty good for the main campus. It looks like they have a lot of parking garages in the plan.

Downtown campus on the other hand, looks like it is lacking parking. Right now, there is the small parking garage and the under-the-highway parking which is fairly full during the semester. The plan completely built out shows no new parking structures.

I am one for pedestrian friendly campuses and students who use mass transit (or live close), but I would have expected to see at least one parking structure.

I don't believe that UTSA will build a football stadium at the sport complex in the next 10-20 years. They have too good of a thing with the dome downtown. But lets say they do, where are people going to park. The athletic complex at build out has no free room and 3.5 parking garages.

Like I said originally, I think the Dome is too good of a situation even though it is under a roof. There is also plenty of room to tailgate, and it would be a great venue for attracting major programs to beat the crap out of the Roadrunners.

Overall, I like the plan a lot more than the last one. These plans almost never see their end, but overall I like the direction this one is taking the University.
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