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Originally Posted by texastarkus View Post
Submitted for conversation...Wouldn't it be better to have two 400'ers than one 800'? Please don't get me wrong, things are finally starting to happen here and I don't want our downtown to look like OKC with a couple kinda tall buildings and one really tall. A more extreme example would be if that 800'er gets built in Midland. Just sticking my neck out there....
Hey texastarkus, that's a great thought. I can see where you're coming from. Another example might be Dubai, where the Burj is massively taller than anything else around it.

However, I don't think that's what we'd be looking at here. According to Emporis, the Weston Centre is 557' at the top and the Tower is 622' at the architectural height or 730' at the tip of the antenna.

The CPS Energy building would fall somewhere in that 557'-730' range so it wouldn't be alone in that height range. It could look more like the Comcast Center in Philly, which looks like a natural growth in the skyline.

I think more important than height is the fact that there would just be a lot of empty space around it on the northwest end of downtown. Hopefully Weston Urban plans some taller apartments to go with the office building.
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