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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
interesting thread...i was more refering to buildings, or places, but the discussion is worthy....the article in the paper said that the new athletic facility at the u of m will be world class....who are they kidding exactly?...that kind of thing drives me makes us seem so small town.

i will grant you that the big ditch is probably world class as far as big ditches go....

there is an argument for the RWB....

i guess you could consider our elm tree collection world class as long as you define it only by that specific type of tree...mostly because they have vanished everywhere else...there are lots of cities with lots of big trees though

our winter temperatures are world class....third or fourth coldest on earth, depending how you define it....(cities over half million in population of course)

the exchange is outclassed by even the smallest town in the smallest country in europe as far as cohesive collections of century old building go....

munich's oktoberfest is world class...not the festival du voyageur.
At the risk of sounding pompous, take it from someone who spends more time travelling business than in Winnipeg, and who's frequent cities include Vancouver, Dublin, Malta, London, NY, Montreal and SF (at least 3 times per year each) ... our PEOPLE are world class.

Our business has done well, and we can be located anywhere in the world. We choose Winnipeg because I love Winnipeg. I can't emphasize this enough ... but we really don't know how much people matter until we are forced to relocate somewhere else.

Sure, San Francisco has a great nightlife, and Dublin has great shopping on Graffton. Malta has amazing weather and 2000 year old buildings. But, everywhere I go, the people aren't the same ... I always miss Winnipeg.

The people are our greatest asset.
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