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Originally Posted by vid View Post
They increased almost 20% in Thunder Bay. I didn't read the articles above so I'm probably repeating something, but most of them are coming in for jobs and education opportunities which they lack on reserves. Ontario's first nations communities are among the most impoverished places in the western hemisphere.

Of the 5,000 people in my census tract, about 1300 are aboriginal, though it seems like more as I live along the main street which is dominated by aboriginal families. (The inner neighbourhood is still very white)
On a side note, my Dad attended University there before finishing up in Brandon. I'll ask him for an address of where he stayed. This would be in the 80s though, so given how old you are it could at least be an interesting coffee table discussion.

EDIT: It was on James Street, no exact address though. But he does have a pic so perhaps I can upload it later. But Fort William area??
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