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^ but all of the woodwork in those houses is painted.

It’s not like any of that is the natural color of the wood. It’s dark stain.

I appreciate the incredible woodwork in old, Victorian, arts and crafts, craftsman, etc. houses, but it’s really just a preference of liking dark or light. With lighter stain, you can see the grain in the woodwork, but it’s still stain... it’s paint by another name. And darker stained wood might as well just be painted dark brown or charcoal... because no wood is actually that color.

It’s personal preference obviously... by painting woodwork white, all you’re doing is altering the fashion/style of the era... it’s not like you’re altering the wood, since it was already altered long ago with heavy, dark stain. I’m just not into the dark, Tudor, clubby, library look inside a house.
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