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Originally Posted by GoldenBoot View Post
What about ground level retail/entertainment, then several "hidden" levels of parking, and top it off with office and/or residential?!?

Basically, try to create a 24-hour, live-work environment while also providing ample parking for events in the dome.
That sounds great and I'm all for it. The reason I said retail on the other side of the stadium is because people parking at sporting events want to get out of their cars and into the game (or whatever event) quickly. There are often traffic jams because everyone is showing up at the same time. So it seems having ample entrances and exits on the stadium side would help traffic flow. As far as residential and retail go, people who lived there would probably want to face away from the stadium because of noise and traffic on game days, and the garage entrances/exits would take up property facing the stadium at ground level. But the corners could be a good space for a restaurant and bar... I mean you gotta get sports fans all drunk and roudy. But yes, retail on bottom, garage on the next five levels, apartments above that.
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