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London has an unusually low murder rate. But London has a quite high crime rate, higher than NYC. And I was talking about Europe/Canada, not the UK.
Homicides are usually quite easy to identify and compare globally. The three big issues around comparing non-homicide crime figures on an international basis is the lack of conformity in definitions, reporting and recording. Political interference, police corruption, lack of trust in the police, high violence rates, poor data collecting, pooling of offences, etc… creates irreparable issues for comparisons. It is incredibly rare to have cities with high homicide rates and not have correspondingly overall high crime rates (criminal enterprises are food chains after all); it is just that like an iceberg, you’re not getting a complete picture.

I did refer to outlier smaller Western Europe and larger Eastern European cities

Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
And you aren't comparing apples to apples. You're comparing GLA to NYC proper, which makes no sense. NYC suburbs have very low murder rates, and much of the GLA is more analogous to places like Westchester and Fairfield Counties.
I’m not getting the similarities of the Outer London boroughs with the likes of Westchester and Fairfield counties. The borough with the lowest density (the London Borough of Bromley) is still 3x and 4x denser respectively than those counties. Bromley falls under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Police Service; the police force of London, the equivalent of the New York City Police Department, which doesn't serve Westchester and Fairfield counties.
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