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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
1983 also had "Special Bulletin", a fake news TV movie about terrorists sneaking a nuclear bomb into charleston to blackmail the US government.

i was 7 at the time and my older sister was babysitting me. we ended up watching it for some reason (TV was A LOT more limited back then) and we had no idea that whole fucking thing was fake because we we're just kids home alone who didn't know any better, or maybe my sister did know and was just stringing me along.

either way, it scared the ever living shit out of me. i literally though Charleston, SC was about to be imminently destroyed by a nuclear bomb as we were watching it. i was shaking by the time my parents finally came home and had to explain to me that it was all just a silly movie.

It was my version of "The War of the Worlds" radio broadcast back in the '30s.
I remember that movie; I was 13 at the time. But for some reason, I wasn't freaked out by it. In fact, my friend and I were actually laughing about it at school the next day. I think it was because we were older kids.

I'm thinking your sister was stringing you along, because I remember after the commercials, they would do disclaimers saying that what you were watching wasn't real.

Originally Posted by JManc View Post
I was a kid during the Reagan era and remembered that TV movie "The Day After"..and that movie freaked the hell out of a lot people...especially my age. We didn't have the Cuban Missile Crisis looming over us...but we still had the imagery.
Even though I was 13 when this TV movie came out, this one for some reason did freak me out. I think it was the imagery of the people at ground zero being "vaporized" when the nuclear bomb hit, even though I'm sure it was done with outdated cheesy effects.

Another nuclear holocaust movie that came out in 1983, one that was released in theaters, was called "Testament," which a few years later my 9th grade classmates and I watched in history class on VHS (maybe our teacher was out sick? I don't remember). Similar story to "The Day After," but not graphic; it was more dramatic, about a mother of 2 kids who loses her husband after he never came home from work because San Francisco got bombed and they lived in a small town 90 minutes away or something. And one by one, her kids succumb to the radiation and die. But I remember some of my classmates laughing at this movie... I guess because it was so dramatic.

A nuclear holocaust movie I have yet to see is "On the Beach," which was made in 1959, and shot on location in Australia. Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner are in it. I think Ava Gardner pissed some Aussies off because she supposedly had said something like "This looks like the perfect place to make a movie about the end of the world."
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