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Originally Posted by Restless One View Post
You posted that they had a problem with the glass curtain. That's the best aspect of this project.

It could be better, yes. but at some point, we have to resolve ourselves that there will eventually be a mix of Historic and modern DT. Even on the same block.

And that's not a bad thing.
Yes, they have an issue with the glass curtain because it’s doesn’t do a well enough job blending in with the surrounding buildings. Again, the HDRC isn’t against glass or modern or any of that. They’re not just haphazardly throwing in personal preferences. They’re following a set of rules and guidelines for specific zoning designs.

Design is subjective, glass for the sake of glass doesn’t always make for a visually appealing building design. If a better design comes from the HDRC recommendations, awesome. I doubt it’ll get worse tbh.
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