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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post|Text|&Search=

Here's the site plan with elevations.

The heights for the taller building are:

188 feet to the pyramidal roof

181 feet to the mechanical roof

168 feet to the main roof

152 feet to the 12th (highest occupied floor)


The 2nd shorter tower is connected to the taller one by a 5-story podium

The heights for the shorter tower are:

117 feet to the mechanical roof

104 feet to the main roof

88 feet to the 8th (highest occupied floor).


I had to use a sheet of paper to measure the pyramidal roof since it didn't have a height listed for it. There is a detailed section of that part of the roof on page 20 that I used to measure it. The mechanical roof height is 181 feet as shown in the elevations, and I measured up from there. I marked it off and measured my spacing against the heights they provided for some of the detail below the roof to the right on page 20, and I came up with 7 feet. My marks came up just past that the line above the 6 foot section below the roof. Above that 6 foot section, is a 4 foot section. I marked that 4 foot section off and divided it into quarters. The top line I had measured equaled one foot according to that. So, the pyramidal roof rises 7 feet above the mechanical roof. So, the height of the building should be 188 feet. That number, if you remember, is the same as the FAA permit that I found last July.

Can you do one of the Canopy?
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