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Originally Posted by Sam Rai View Post
i prefer the Cesar Pelli version of Cira II. It's all a missed opportunity to me. The concept of several crystal shaped buildings rising out of the surrounding neo-classical structures was potentially iconic. I know people are sick of the constant walls of glass being built...but the Pelli concept to me only transcended that monotony as a complete concept. I love FMC and Cira....but Cira II completed the vision
And it still may. This plan shows a concept for the overall district, but nothing has been set in stone for that site.

The only thing that has changed since the original vision, however, is that Drexel is now planning that large office tower immediately to the west of this site. As currently shown in their plans, the tower would go all the way to the lot line of Cira II, making the Pelli scheme impossible.

Of course, they could always work on planning the buildings together!
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