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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
^ As desirable as downtown residential is, the original office tower plan would have been much better for that site... even though the tower at 40 storeys will probably be around the same height as the ~30 storey office tower in the original plan, it'll probably have a much smaller footprint meaning much less density on the site. Office space is a bit of a sure thing while with rentals, who knows - look at Place Promenade, it was a pretty nice complex when it opened in the late 80s but it's a little down at the heels now. Few of the 70s and 80s vintage rental towers downtown maintained any kind of air of prestige that they had when they opened... not necessarily a huge deal in a standalone rental property but the stakes are a little higher at Portage and Main... I'd hate to ever see confederate flags or wolf blankets hanging in the windows there.

Anyway, this is not to rain on the parade... getting second prize is better than nothing at all. I guess the Winnipeg office market is such that Artis only wanted to develop office space there, it could have been another 40 years before it happened. Fingers crossed that the atrium hotel gets built some day... that will be the last remaining piece of the Winnipeg Square puzzle.

So I guess that leaves Portage Place as the only undeveloped pad sites left downtown? Or am I missing any?
Not pad a but....The 416 Main Street site is the most glaring of parking lots...The former McIntyre bldg. spot.. It must get done sooner than later. A major eyesore especially to visitors and investors to our city. I do believe a major hotel or mixed use tower that includes a major upscale hotel would serve the area well and keep The Fairmont on its toes.

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