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Originally Posted by windypeg View Post
I do often wonder why Simp has so much time to spend talking down to people on these boards, if I was in his shoes I would too busy adventuring and spending the hundreds of millions of dollars I've amassed by knowing more about real estate investment and development than anyone else in the country...
That's a very work-a-day perspective. I tend to love what I do, so I don't think about getting away from my 'job'. I also don't have a boss who demands I be in a chair between certain hours, so if I can come around here to talk shop with others who are equally interested, then that's great for me. Frankly, I have the freedom to do what I want. I spend my days researching and doing analysis because that's what I like to do - not because if i didn't I would go hungry. It's not like I have to shut down the production line or wait for my coffee break to come and respond.
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