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Originally Posted by scalziand View Post
Any chance of some airright transfers from St. Thomas?
It's my understanding that St. Thomas still has some leftover air rights that would have been used by 53w53 had it been built to its originally intended 1250 feet. When 53w53 was forced to lower to 1050 feet (a decision that seems more and more ludicrous with each passing month, given what is rising nearby), St. Thomas was still able to profit handsomely, but not as much as they would have if the project had been larger. So they were left with some unclaimed air rights, with precious few opportunities to transfer them to neighbors given the rules.

It seems reasonable that if given the chance, St. Thomas would welcome the oppoortunity to sell the remainder of what they had hoped to sell before Amanda Burden made her decision in favor of the neighborhood whiners who seem shocked to learn that they bought homes in midtown Manhattan. If so, it serves the nimbys right that there would be an even taller tower now on the same block as 53w53.