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Originally Posted by rrskylar View Post
I don't know Cyro, seems to me those paying taxes for years and all those paying the added 1% PST to pay for infrastructure should see the benefit of that heavy taxation first in the form of acting upon what was planned years ago and projects left in limbo for lack of funds AND NOT Centreport which may or may NOT attract new business. Seems to me that a smart jurisdiction would have lined up and attracted business's that would be coming to a new business park before all the infrastructure was put in place, guess someone in the NDP caucus was enamoured with the movie "Field of Dreams"!
I do agree with your comments reg: the PST increase and the tax payers steadily increasing burden that should be going to infrastructure, 1st.

Yes, a smart jurisdiction should have lined up business to fill the park but this jurisdiction failed. Water/Sewer issues delayed all that is CentrePort. I'm still stinging due to the loss of a potential $15 Billion Data Center. Remember Google. The infrastructure was NOT in PLACE to proceed. It has apparently now been solved or is in the process of being solved..

$200+ Million for CCW pails in comparison to the 15 Billion lost for not having the area ready to take on new industrial clients. Their are 27 already their at this time.
I don't find myself disagreeing with you but seeing it from an all encompassing long term point of view.
Both are needed, for the tax payers of this Province and long term economic progress in Manitoba.

Time for a change in who runs Provincial and City Politics? I don't believe we'll disagree to much on that one.
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