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Originally Posted by Cyro View Post
Yes, some projects are being put on hold due to CCW, but if we want this industrial park to succeed, the 1st tri-modal hub facility in Canada, and increase,jobs,investments and our tax base, what do you choose? The greater long term benefit to all Manitoba's or a faster commuter time?

We do tend to talk about Manitoba's Economic situation on this forum quite frequently? (Ain't good right?)

Yes, a better,faster road system for drivers, or more potential economic activity for the entire province. Tough call.
I don't know Cyro, seems to me those paying taxes for years and all those paying the added 1% PST to pay for infrastructure should see the benefit of that heavy taxation first in the form of acting upon what was planned years ago and projects left in limbo for lack of funds AND NOT Centreport which may or may NOT attract new business. Seems to me that a smart jurisdiction would have lined up and attracted business's that would be coming to a new business park before all the infrastructure was put in place, guess someone in the NDP caucus was enamoured with the movie "Field of Dreams"!
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