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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
Maybe we'll see something else coming in the news today. Another posted, can't remember who, had said the bypass would likely include a diamond at a mid point connection and a highway style interchange at the White Horse. It would also have to include the completion of the CCW interchange at the perimeter.
Most of the CCW interchange at the Perimeter is already completed. The only work left is the south Perimeter to west CCW and east CCW to south Perimeter ramps. There is even an extra bridge that has already been completed for the second of those near where the south bound traffic starts to return to grade from the elevated interchange.

The potential diamond interchange, if accurate, would most likely be for provincial road 334, which the two lane 334 likely be the "over" route.

Considering that it seems to cost was spared on the CCW/Perimeter interchange I would personally be shocked if the CCW/1 intersection was not a full interchange as well.

Originally Posted by Bdog View Post
Good idea for a thread, BomberJet.

With these improvements to the North Perimeter (at least in the short term), I wonder whether the north by-pass becomes a more attractive route for truck traffic than the "official" south by-pass. Less at-grade crossings, less lights, and a Headingley by-pass...
Where truck traffic ends up will still depend on a few outside factors. The biggest is going to be the start/ending point of their route. With a lot of the local industry already based in the north west corner the new by pass will only strengthen this. Another significant factor though will be access to fuel/truck stops. Currently, these are all setup along HWY 1 in Headingley. It seems like a strong possibility if land is made available for these services, say near the signaled intersections that already existing inside CentrePort, that they will show up on the CCW route.

Now, my bigger questions are: when with COW announce the CTP to CCW extension that has been talked about and when will the HWY 75 bypass get some serious traction? Added bonus - the future Waverly/Kennaston interchange at the Perimeter is heavily tied to the plans for the HWY 75 by-pass.
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