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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
From the City's viewpoint, it doesn't get any. That's all set to change. You'll have a view of this thing rising, and once it starts rising you will fill another level of excitement.

I think we can discuss the design a little, even though renderings are probably just preliminary. It looks a bit bulky compared to other wheels. I like the idea of the spire with the Moscow wheel. Now imagine if they had pods going up the spire like some of the vertical observation towers.
When I said St.George I was including the ferry terminal, which is the only place on Staten Island where tourists really go. 2 million people is a lot, just not nearly as much as Central London, of course. The wheel will increase that number, though.

Whenever I end up talking to tourists in Battery Park I always tell them to ride the Ferry instead. "It's free, and the view is amazing" I tell them.


I also like the base and the ring of the Moscow proposal. Very futuristic, and in a good way.

One of the things I love about the London Eye is that it's only held up by one A-frame, sort of putting it on display much like a framed picture with a stand. I hope they can incorporate that kind of design in to the SI wheel while still having an original design.
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